Industrial Painting, Metal Painting & Metal Finishing

Secondary Services Inc. is an SSPC QP3 certified facility utilizing a 200 pound per hook conveyor line for painting smaller parts and 4 larger industrial equipment booths for painting components, fabrications, equipment, and skid packages weighing up to 20 tons.

Standard Coatings

Inorganic Zinc primer, Organic Zinc primer, Epoxy, Polyurethane, Polysiloxane, Enamel, Coal Tar Epoxy, High Temp, Phenolic, Alkyds

Documented compliance with customer, OEM, DOT, DOD and military specifications


  • 5000 square foot Inspection bay with LED illumination providing minimum 110 foot candles at floor level
  • Staff inspectors with NACE certifications
  • SSPC PA-2 DFT testing, Holiday testing, cross cut and pull-off adhesion testing, solvent rub testing of zinc primers
  • Testing for chloride, sulfate and/or nitrite ion contamination levels in accordance with SSPC Technology Guide 15
  • Quality Management System and integrated MRP system
  • Inspection documentation accompanies Job Traveler insuring compliance with specifications
  • Real-time schedules on digital displays at each work center to insure orders are delivered on time