Glass Bead Blasting, Glass Beading or Bead Blasting

Our material handling and plant layout minimize any chance that ferrous contamination of a non-ferrous surface will occur during processing in our facility. Our glass bead and crushed glass blast rooms are isolated far away from any steel grit processing. The glass bead blast room is dedicated to processing only stainless steel and non-ferrous materials. Small parts can be processed in blast cabinets or basket blasters set up for glass bead blasting. We utilize a variety of industrial and mil spec glass bead sizes as required by customer specifications. Special nozzles are utilized to insure our glass bead blasting produces the most uniform finish possible. Blasting with virgin material is available upon request.


  • Inspection bay with LED illumination providing minimum 110 foot candles at floor level
  • Senior inspectors have NACE certifications
  • SSPC requirements (SP6, SP10, SP5, etc.) verified per SSPC Vis 1 Standard
  • All crushed glass blast profiles documented using Replica Tape
  • Testing for chloride, sulfate and/or nitrite ion contamination levels in accordance with SSPC Technology Guide 15
  • Black light inspection for surface hydrocarbons
  • Stainless steel Q-Panel (test panel) processing per project requirements
  • Quality Management System and integrated MRP system
  • Inspection documentation accompanies Job Traveler insuring compliance with specifications
  • Real-time schedules on digital displays at each work center to insure orders are delivered on time

An SSPC QP3 Certified Facility Meeting OEM, DOT, DOD & Military Specifications