Looking for an Epoxy Painting Company?

Secondary Services has decades of experience applying various epoxy coatings including:

  • Amine Epoxy
  • Standard Epoxy
  • Polyamide Epoxy
  • Phenolic Epoxy
  • Aminoamine Epoxy
  • Novolac Epoxy
  • Siloxane Epoxy
  • Coal Tar Epoxy

When properly catalyzed and applied, epoxies produce a hard, chemical and solvent resistant finish that can be applied directly over steel or over rust inhibiting primers.

Additional Coatings

Organic and Inorganic Zinc Primers, Polyurethane, Polysiloxane, Enamel, High Temp, Phenolic, Alkyds

Customer, SSPC, NACE, OEM, DOT, DOD and Mil Spec Requirements


  • Staff inspectors with NACE certifications
  • SSPC PA-2 DFT testing, Holiday testing, cross cut and pull-off adhesion testing, solvent rub testing of zinc primers
  • Testing for chloride, sulfate and/or nitrite ion contamination levels in accordance with SSPC Technology Guide 15

Quality, Performance & Delivery

  • MRP system with bar code scanning upon completion of each routing step
  • Real-time digital schedules displayed at each work center
  • Fully integrated Quality Management System